Abciximab (Reopro):


Abciximab (Reopro): Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitor preventing platelet adhesion and aggregation.


Indications: Prevent thrombus formation peri-PTCA and poststent placement.

Administration guidelines

Administration guidelines

  1. Standard concentration: 9 mg/250 mL 0.9% sodium chloride.
  2. The IV tubing must have a filter on it (0.2- or 0.22-μm low-protein-binding filter) and no other medications should be piggybacked through this line.
  3. Loading dose (straight drug): 0.25 mg/kg administered 10 to 60 minutes prior to PCI. Withdraw through the 0.2- or 0.22-μm low-protein-binding filter the appropriate amount of abciximab for the patient's weight. Hypotension may occur with bolus dose.
  4. Maintenance at a rate of 0.125 μg/kg/min to a max of 10 μg/min (17 mL/h) for 12 hours. To prepare, withdraw 4.5 mL (9 mg) of abciximab through 0.2- or 0.22-μm low-protein-binding filter and inject into 250-mL bag of 0.9% sodium chloride.