The Anesthesia Machine - Anesthesia Machine Checkout Recommendations

This checkout, or a reasonable equivalent, should be conducted before administering anesthesia. These recommendations are valid only for an anesthesia system that conforms to current and relevant standards and the following monitors: capnograph, pulse oximeter, oxygen analyzer, respiratory volume monitor (spirometer), and breathing system pressure monitor with high- and low-pressure alarms. This is a guideline that users are encouraged to modify to accommodate differences in equipment design and variations in local clinical practice. Such local modifications should have appropriate peer review. Users should refer to the operator's manual for the manufacturer's specific procedures and precautions, specifically the manufacturer's low-pressure leak test. (Note: If an anesthesia provider uses the same machine in successive cases, the steps denoted by an asterisk [*] below may not need to be repeated and may be abbreviated after the initial checkout.)

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