Principles of Toxicologic Management

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First Things First

  • ABC’s with Tox in mind:
    • A: airway, antidotes
    • B: breathing
    • C: circulation, c-spine
    • D: disability, decontamination
    • E: exposure, enhanced elimination
  • Remember the coma cocktail: “DON’T”
    • Dextrose: check peripheral glucose
      • 1 amp D50W IV for adults
      • 10 mL/kg of D10W IV for children
    • Oxygen: check O2 sats
    • Naloxone: for the opioid toxidrome
      • 0.4 mg IV/IM, titrate up based on adequacy of respirations
    • Thiamine: all malnourished patients, especially alcoholics
      • 100 mg IV

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Last updated: April 29, 2010